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--February 22 2017--

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Controlled by the Holy Spirit

Romans 8:5 NLT
Those who are dominated by the sinful nature think about sinful
things, but those who are controlled by the Holy Spirit think 
about things that please the Spirit.

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There is freedom in the Spirit! It is like being unshackled from heavy weights that burden ones heart, mind and soul. When the Spirit comes in and releases you from guilt, anger, hatred and self centeredness there is an amazing wholeness and lightness that flows through, around and out of you. It is a feeling I wish everyone could experience and all can for it is free to all who seek Jesus and ask for a baptizing in the Holy Spirit.

Life goes on around us and things happen that are not always in our control but if we walk in the Spirit of Truth looking at these events with love, kindness, peace, forgiveness with the Word of the Lord ready on our tongue then we can change the outcome of events that happen around us. We cannot change people but we can change how we respond. 

Life is too short to waste in anger and unforgiveness. Seize the moment and live for Jesus! Be makers of peace.

Jesus, come into my life and change me. Make me in Your image and free me from the lies of the world. Give me the freedom of the Holy Spirit so I can worship You in Truth!! In Your precious Holy Name, Jesus Christ I ask and pray. Amen.

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  1. I think my post got eaten...I was going to say "Amen!" too! Good word!

    And I love that picture!

  2. I like the first verse...haven't read through Romans (yet!). I know what you mean about this, "It is a feeling I wish everyone could experience and all can for it is free to all who seek Jesus and ask for a baptizing in the Holy Spirit." Sometimes, I just feel like they're so close...all they need to do is stay faithful!

    "We cannot change people but we can change how we respond." - I like that!

  3. Hi Kimberly,
    OOOOOh doesn't it just bug you when your comment gets eaten! Grrr!

    Yes. Amen!

    Hi Kaboom,
    Romans is a very rich book, I love it so much especially Romans 8 all of it.
    This is very profound..."all they need to do is stay faithful!"
    You hit the nail on the head! Faithful. I asked and asked the Father to baptize me in the Holy Spirit and it took a while, I guess He had a bit of work to do in me first before He answered.


  4. John 8:36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. Live free and live in the Spirit. Fear not; live. THank you for your prayers.

  5. Amen!
    Praise God for the wonderful glorious freedom of Gis Holy Spirit, that lives and dwells within us.

    The peace of God will be my portion from this day onwards.

    God bless you, Child of Gpd :)

  6. I was reading through your prayer list. What will this do exactly?

    You see, some of the people will recover and some won't. So how exactly, did your prayer make a difference? I thought god's will is eternal and unchanging. So how do you expect to change his mind, even if lots of people pray for it?

    If it is gods will, then it is going to happen, no matter what. So why pray? It does nothing. If someone was going to die, then they die and all the prayers in the world did not save them.

    While it appears like a noble cause at first glance, it is actually quite ridiculous that you actually think you can influence god to do YOUR will.

    On a different note, I was reading a separate post and there is a gory picture of Jesus' feet with a nail driven through and blood pouring out everywhere. That's just plain sick and disgusting. You say that you want to protect your children and sensitive visitors from swearing and stuff like that, but you have no problem posting a graphic picture of someone being brutally tortured to death.

    Christianity, when you really think about it, is a primitive religion that still believes in human sacrifice.

  7. I too . . . say amen!

  8. Very good and what I need to hear today.

  9. Hi Mormon 411,
    Why do you try to put God in a box? He is the Creator of all. How can you, who don’t know God, claim to know His ways? How can you understand prayer when you do not know the Creator of prayer? This is like a 5 year old questioning the judgment of their parent, impossible. Have you ever seen an answer to prayer? Have you even had the courage to step out in faith? Why do you judge something you have no clue about? I have seen the power of prayer in action working in accordance with God’s will not mine. No one can make God do what they want you align yourself up with the will of God and pray according to His good and perfect will.

    Profanities defined by : the quality of being profane; irreverence; profane: conduct or language; a profane act or utterance, obscenity; blasphemy, sacrilege, swearing, malediction; curse, vulgar. This is not uplifting or the building up of God’s people, (a child of God must first accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour and trust in Him). I will not have anything on this blog that is derogatory and will allow a child of God to slip and sin. This is a blog for the Lord God Almighty, a place for His name to be glorified and honoured over and above all things created.

    The bloody feet of Jesus is the truth of our faith and why should the truth of what Jesus did for you and for me be covered up or lessened? It is wise to open our eyes and look on exactly what God did for us. There is only one way for sins to be forgiven and that is through the blood sacrifice of a sinless person and that person can only be God in the flesh, for only He can be sinless. There are no more sacrifices, Jesus made it complete and His gift to us is big and should be honoured as such, not minimized because of blood.

    I pray you will meet my God and see just how much He loves you. He spilled His precious blood and endured ridicule for you so you can have freedom and eternal life with the Father of all.

  10. Hi Brian, Carole, Lon and Ma,

    Jesus is so good! Praise His Holy precious name forever!

    Thanks for stopping by,

  11. Yet another encouraging post I have read within the last five minutes. The Lord is really showing me something. Thank you dear one for sharing what was placed on your heart. Blessings.

  12. Hi JBR,

    Praise God this encouraged you!! The Lord is on the move. I had such a love encounter with Him yesterday it was awesome. Healings and freedom and around 15 or more people giving their lives to Christ. Awesome.

    Praying for you always sweet girl!

  13. I love this post sis! I have seen this transformation take place in my very own life! Amen! It is beautiful to watch the Holy Spirit's transformation in a persons life unfold...almost like a butterfly emerging from it's cocoon.



  14. Lisa!
    Thanks for sharing! What a beautiful a butterfly emerging from its cocoon.

    Praying always for you my sister friend!

  15. This is another spirit filled post. It is for freedom that Christ has come, and what a great price He has paid for that freedom. Indeed the Holy Spirit is the spirit of freedom. FOr where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.


    Indeed if the Son sets us free, we are free indeed.

    And one of the things I am always thankful for is that God has chosen to open my eyes. I couldn't have known Him if He hadn't revealed Himself to me, or given me the hunger for Him. It is a deep mystery how this all works, probably too profound for the human mind. I can only bow my head and say Thank You, dear God.

    Child of God, your posts are always a blessing to my heart.


  16. Hi Lidj,
    Yes you sure do understand how short life is! Still praying for your heart ache sister.

    It is so true that one cannot know God unless they seek Him and He reveals Himself to them. It is so profound and wonderful and awesome and powerful and well, just Him and His ways!


  17. Hi, I agree also. Amen and Amen...
    God Bless your insight and heart of love. CM xxx

  18. We have not because we ask not. If all of God's people will give His Spirit permission to enter in and lead us in the way of 'freedom' and bondages to this world, oh what a difference we'd make. Our own hearts would be healed, our love would be greater, our prayers would be Spirit-directed and our tongues would carry the very words of God.
    Good words! Let it be so.

  19. Hi Crystal Mary,
    The power of the Spirit, I just have no words to express it. :)

    Hi Deb,
    If all Christians were willing to lose control to the Holy Spirit, wow, this world would be a different place. Thanks for stopping by.


  20. Hi Child of God -

    Thank you for this rich strong message.

    Love the photos!

  21. Hi Sandra,
    The power of the Holy Spirit is very strong indeed.

    Blessings sister,

  22. Hello Child of God. I'm only just reading this post now and I thank you for the encouragement. I thank God for intercessors committed to prayer, such as you. Things of the spirit can only be understood in the spirit. God would not be God if we could put Him in a box. The bible so very clearly instructs us on the importance of prayer.

    Thank you for this Spirit-filled post and timely word. Life is indeed too short to waste on anger and unforgiveness.
    Keep up the good works, sister! Pray without ceasing... and GOD BLESS YOU ! :)

  23. Hi Vilisi,
    There is so much we do not know. I have always heard that our life is a dream and it is heaven that is real. When you dive into the Spirit you start to realize this saying is true. It is a bit mind boggling and I believe you can only grasp it when you live in the Spirit.

    Blessings girl glad this was encouraging!


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