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--February 22 2017--

Prayer; Buttons & Requests updated 02/28/14

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Thank you for stopping by the prayer page. Here are the people God has placed on my heart to pray for many times a day. Please, click on their name or picture and you will be directed to their web page if they have one, some do not. Stop by, say hi and pray for their need. If you don't have time to visit them, just pray. God hears every prayer.

Jeremiah 29:11 NIV
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

UPDATED: February 28 2014

Updated February 28 2014

Please pray:
for my faith to grow and be strong
for my belief to stand firm
for God to fulfill his promise of an abundant life for me
for me not to dwell on the past, but to look forward with hope
thank you for your faithfulness and love. I love you back, even though I have yet to meet many of you face to face.


Jaxson Eugene: Update October 2 2013

Jaxson was not supposed to survive pregnancy yet he did and he was born with multiple birth defects. Please lift him up to our God in prayer asking Father to heal this baby and to comfort his mom and dad. Thanks!

There are going to be some big changes in Jaxson's and our lives when he gets home today. In order to keep him safe from sicknesses he can no longer be around little children or pets. We now have to find a new place to live. I'm looking into getting a low income apartment. With taking care of Jaxson and going to school full time I solely rely on Jaxson's SSI check. I don't have the ability to hold a job, especially with him being sick a lot I would always be calling in and taking Time off to be at the Iowa city hospital. I was really worried about this month because since Jaxson's heart surgery and spending most of the month of September in the hospital I was extremely behind in our bills. So when Jaxson's check came on the first I caught up on all my bills and barley had any money to live off and provide for Jaxson the rest of the month. Now I'm crying happy tears because someone sent us a $500.00 check!!!! Thank you so very very much from the bottom of my heart. No one will know how much this means to our family and I thank you from the very bottom of my heart. (: what a relief you have provided our family. A weight has been lifted off our shoulders.
Jaxson had a swallow study today. They watch how he swallowed different consistencies of formula using x-ray technology. When Jaxson swallowed the thin formula it showed that he was aspirating and having a delayed cough. With knowing this it is a very good possibility that is what happened last Thursday night. That is why this feeding pump is going to be so helpful!!! It will slowly pump his formula into his stomach with a very significantly reduced risk of aspirating and he has shown he is so much happier when using the pump. I hope this is a turning point for Jaxson and he amount of time he has been hospitalized. We are no longer suppose to give Jaxson any bottles but the swallow study did show us he could easily swallow the thicker formula so if we do want to feed him by mouth we can try baby foods.
I have so much faith in my son and boy does he have the will to live. He has clearly showed us that God does have a purpose for this little boy and our family is going to do anything and everything to keep him safe and to love him for as long as he is here. I don't think I have ever met another little boy who is so loved by so many people. Whether your a part of his everyday life in person or you follow him here on his page or mine, you all mean so very much to our family
Thank you for your prayers, love and your support. We love you all!

Ava Rose: Update September 26 2013

So many wonderful things happening for Ava right now - forgive our absence as we've been rejoicing and just plain having a blast with her!
I don't often get to spend much time with Ava as I live in Baltimore and she lives in New Jersey, but the other week I had the privilege of getting some one on one time with her when she was in SUCH a fantastic and hysterical mood! I know my family keeps telling me that these times are often, but I usually don't get to witness them in my short periods of time with Ava and let me tell you - what a heart swell I had as she kept grabbing my hand to walk around my parents' house, jump on the bed, "scare" Papito and Aunt C, dance, and laugh her little precious head off as we goofed around. She was being a normal and happy two year old and while I know everyone else gets to witness this often, I do not and it made me so SO happy to get that window of opportunity with her.
Ava has been having regular iron infusions which have helped so much with her healing process. Many of the abrasions on her face are shrinking day by day and the one that was on her eye earlier this year (that at that point kept growing and growing) is all but gone right now!
We praise God for the blessing of Ava's life and that He sees us fit to be her family and we are now rejoicing together in these happy and wonderful moments that we get to share with her.
There is still pain, and there are still moments of hurt and misery - but there are so many more of hope, love, joy, happiness, and healing. Thank you all for your love, prayers, and constant support. You're all pure amazing.
- Monica (Ava's Aunt Monkey)

Gunner: Updated September 05 2013  

Hands are healed and Gunner is doing well!! Thank you for praying!

Lucy: Updated 09/05/13

Lucy has scans ARE CLEAR!! PRAISE GOD!!! There was a small bleed noticed in Lucy's brain, please pray against this bleed asking Jesus to cauterize it. Thanks!!

Amy: Updated 08/16/13

Just wanted to ask everyone for prayers for Amys upcoming MRI on Mon the 19th. I have alot of "scanxiety" going on and it would make me feel better knowing there are alot of people praying for good scans. It is routine every so often to scan during treatment and there are no signs of anything getting worse but I know this beast and how quickly things can change so please just say some prayers.
Amy and Scotty are at Ronald Mcdonald camp until tomorrow. I cant wait to hug them. I have really missed them alot....yes even their fighting lol. Have to get up super early but im pretty sure i will be chipper about it beacuse i know i will get to see them.  :)
Scottys birthday is on Aug 25th and Im trying to get people to send cards and such for his birthday so if you wanna help out please let me know. Poor kid is always in the shadows of his older sister. Not only because of her tumor but because of the whole singing thing too. We try really hard not to but sometimes he gets overlooked anyways. So im trying really hard to get him flooded with cards and small gifts to make him feel like for once HE is in the spotlight. Thank for the help.

Prayer Request

Your blog is asking for prayer requests, so I will ask you to please add my husband to your list. He has been unemployed for over a year, and believe me, I know about how important hope is! Thank you for your prayer ministry.

Please pray that Ceil's husband finds work and that Father will provide for all of their needs. Thanks!!

Easton:  02/11/13 Born August 23 2012 with the nasty disease Epidermolysis Bullosa, EB.
This facebook page was removed but just today I found another page up and running and I was
thrilled!! Easton had a trach placement and he seems to be doing really well. Please keep him in your prayers as this child has such a fight in front of him. 

Emily: UPDATED 02/11/13 Scans have been scheduled for the last week of February. We are waiting to hear back from Wings of Mercy if they have volunteers for the 26th for flight out and the 28th for a flight back in. The Renucci House has been scheduled and we need to work out car rental as soon as we know if we have a flight. Scanxiety is getting close again and getting into high gear.

So with scans coming up, she has her fused MIBG/CT scan on Wednesday the 27th and we meet with Dr Sholler to go over the scans on the 28th.

Emily was diagnosed with Stage IV, High Risk Neuroblastoma Differential, n myc non amplified, favorable histology on 12/23/2010 and is currently in active treatment.

You can follow Emily's journey on Facebook, Blogger and CaringBridge. 

Scarlett Grace: 12/1212  .The entire growth was removed, including some of the adjoining tissue that might harbor rogue cells.

The pathologist looked at a sample.  The initial impression is that we are again looking at glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).  Official diagnosis results will come in the next few days, but it is definitely some kind of tumor.  I have some particularly colorful words I could add here, but I'll keep it PG-rated for now.  

While they had her opened up, they used a mesh to help repair some of the unhealed soft spots on her skull.  This will hopefully help them heal stronger.

They expect her to be ready to go home Sunday or Monday.  

Her doctors at LPCH at Stanford are being informed, as well as samples sent soon to start developing their plan.  Her case will also be presented this Friday to a doctor we met at the Pablove conference in LA last month, who consults at Children's Oakland.  Basically, everyone is on it, and we should have a plan (or likely, a choice of plans...) soon.

Pray for Ian

Ian:  UPDATED  01/13/13 Ian recent scans are stable!! Thank You Father!!

Ben: New, 10/16/12 Suffers from Epidermolysis Bullosa, JEB-NH, which is the rarest form of EB

Ian: New, 10/16/12 Suffers from Epidermolysis Bullosa, EB.

Charlie: New, 10/16/12 Suffers from Epidermolysis Bullosa, EB

Summer:  UPDATED 07/09/12 Having IVIG all this week. Please keep this sweet girl in your prayers. Thanks!!

 Jenna:  UPDATED 07/07/12  From Jenna's Caringbridge Page On Monday mom and I are going to Kellowna, to see the oral surgeon.  The oral surgeon said that I may need surgery to take the infection out of the bone cause I should be in this much pain still after my teeth surgery.  I am done one of the meds and it is comming back.
As for my tummy I am in so much pain, it is jabbing pain and making me double over.  I feel sick to my tummy and it's hard to breathe the pain is so bad.  
I am sleeping lots and I think it's a mix of pain and my disease getting worse.  I slept five hours yesterday and I never sleep during the day.  Today I slept three hours.

Sam: UPDATED 06/23/12 STABLE scans!! Thank YOU JESUS!!

Gary:  Updated 06/25/12 Having a port put in. 

Ansley: UPDATED: 09/03 NED!! Praise God!!


Jack:  Has Mitochondrial Disease. Jack is 8 years old and has been suffering with this disease since birth. Please, if you have a chance, stop by and visit. Right now Jack is suffering from stomach pains and the diagnosis is not favourable for this sweet boy. But nothing is impossible for God so please join your heart with me and pray for God's healing hand to touch this beautiful young man. 

Nathan and Bennett:  Progeria :premature aging: a rare condition of premature aging that begins in childhood or early adult life and leads to death within a few years. Please lift this family up to God and ask for His presence to be with them guiding them through the struggles they are facing. If you wish to help support research for Progeria you can visit here to purchase a calendar. Proceeds go to PRF. Thanks!

Anna: Anna has EB, same disease as Tripp. Anna is having problems breathing. Please pray for her airway to heal.

Pray For Lisa :)

Lisa: Pray for a full recovery and good quality of life.

Sara G.: Continued prayers for healing 

Praying and praying in alignment with the Spirit of God; Jesus Christ, Healer of all!


  1. WOW I am truly touched with your new prayer button! I love it! What I love more is you, and your heart! You are made of awesome and I know that along with myself all of these families are more than grateful for your prayers. I am also grateful for a new friend :)!

    I know when Sean needed them most you were right there saying the best prayers and his mom still talks about it...the prayers all the way from Canada!


  2. Summer, thanks for these encouraging words.
    Seeing Sean recover so quickly from such a nasty, life threatening illness really boosts my faith.

    I love you too girl and so very thankful for your friendship.


  3. Hi Child of God ~ I agree with Summer you have a great new look here! I have to say thank you for doing this blog because it makes us aware of people that are hurting and need prayer. You truly are a blessing. Prayers are so needed for all.
    God bless you...Chelle

  4. Hi Chelle,
    Thank you! It was just getting to busy on the main page with so many prayer requests and buttons, something needed to be done. :)

    I am glad you like this blog of prayer. There are so many people who are in need, well really all of us are in need. God tells us to pray always and for everything, so I am trying to be obedient to His calling.

    Thanks for your support, it means a lot.

    Smiles and blessings,

  5. Phoebe is doing 1 1/2 years of chemo! How can she do that and why so long? I will be praying!

  6. Why does Phoebe have to do 1 1/2 years of chemo? I will be praying! Chelle

  7. Hi Chelle,
    Phoebe has a very rare and aggressive type of cancer that requires a particular chemo regime. I don't know the details but the treatment is between 1 and 1 1/2 years and the survival rate is 50%.

    Thanks for praying, I know it means a lot to the family.

  8. Please help support this precious little girl, Riker Star, diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia at only 15 weeks.

    To read her story please visit:

    Thank you for your prayers and support.

  9. Hello Anonymous,

    Thank you for alerting me to Riker Star. I will leave a comment on the blog site and ask permission to place their blog site here.

    Poor little girl, suffering with Leukemia at such a young age.

    God bless,

  10. Wow. I have shed sad and happy tears as I read this page. I admire your faithfulness as an intercessor for all of these people. My heart ached for families as I browsed through these pages. What a great blog topic! One thing that I am confident of is that God still heals, and He hears our prayers.

    1. Hi Beloved Bomber,
      Thank you for visiting and looking over this page and for your encouragement, I appreciate it.
      Years ago I asked God break my heart for what breaks His and this is what He gave me, a very deep love for people and an ache to see them heal spiritually and physically. This blog was started because of His direction when He laid on my heart 4 girls. Summer, Emily, Lisa and Milly. The only one that still has an active blog is Summer.

      God bless,

  11. Hello Child of God, thank you for dropping by my blog - WingAbouts - and for your prayers for our family. My grand-daughter was born last week and has been in NICU since. She has faced many struggles and is overcoming them one by one. Her last obstacle is that her arms and hands are not working right and the doctors are not sure of the cause. Her CT and first MRI gave us no clues, the results of today's MRI will be in tomorrow sometime. Yes, God's Grace is sufficient for even this. Thank you again. - Barbara, WingAbouts

    1. Hi Barbara,
      Oh how sad. Thanks for letting me know more details. I will be praying for the doctors to know exactly what is causing this and God to touch your granddaughter and totally heal her.

      Lifting you all up in prayer.

  12. I pray (probably not often enough) for all these beautiful children of God, but today (for some reason) my heart is extra sad for their pain and trials. :'(

    1. Hi Kerrie,
      Thanks for praying!! Praying ministers to them and to us too. Praying God eases the pain in your heart. You are so sweet and tender as you lift these precious souls up to our God.

      Blessings sister,

  13. Child of God- you have a life-changing ministry going on here- I am humbled to be on this wall when all the others have such serious life-threatening conditions- please concentrate on the others and I am praying for each one.
    Mum has accepted morphine once a day now. I am thanking God that at last her pain is being managed so she will be more comfortable.God has downloaded GRACE and made it possible to continue to love her. I am so grateful for the prayers of the saints.
    may Almighty God be ever close to you, ministering to YOU as you faithfully intercede for so many. What a heart full of love you have..Praying God's BEST for each of these dear ones.

    1. Hi Mary,
      One prayer request is not more important than another ones prayer request, all are important. :) And the Father loves us to come to Him with everything. You, my dear, are just as special as the next person.

      I'm glad to hear your mom's pain is lessened and Father is giving you grace!! Thank You Father for hearing and answering!!

      Thank you also for praying for the others here.

      Blessings hon,

  14. The pictures on this page are just indescribable and beautiful. Today I went to JT's page (ashamed to admit it has been "that long" since visiting there) and read what you excerpted here about his cancer. I was hoping you would have more recent info on his condition. I pray for each one who is hurting to know how much Jesus hurts with us as we suffer. I know that we all look forward to a time when we are with Him in eternity with no more crying and suffering.

    1. Hi Susan,
      I have not heard a single word on JT. :( I do not have an email address or any other contact except his blog and he has not replied to any comments in a long while. I wish I knew more but I guess Father is not willing for us to know but just wants us to keep on praying for him and his dear wife. I know JT wanted lots of prayer for his wife since they do not have any children and not many close relatives.

      Sorry for taking a while to reply, I have been without a computer until just now.


    2. So true, his wife will be so very lonely, but perhaps she will find people that will befriend her, or find that she has more friends than she realized. It's funny how sometimes what we see as a bad situation, God uses to make something else that is very good. I won't say "better" because I'm sure Mrs JT will miss him very much when the Lord takes him, but God always has good things in store for those who truly love and seek Him, ultimately that is, but it can be a rocky road for sure. ;) I'll keep Mrs JT in prayer for certain, thank you again for the updates... oh and sorry about your computer problems!

    3. Hi again Susan,

      I know Father will look after JT and his wife and good things will come in time. I also know that it will be very difficult for Mrs JT. I walking with an aunt and my pastor's wife through the loss of their husbands and the journey is very difficult. :( They both describe it as like loosing a vital limb to their body. Time does heal all wounds but the waiting for the time to pass is very difficult.

      It is just wonderful having my computer back. :)


  15. Your post leaves me speechless and in complete prayer.

    1. Hi Brian,
      I need to update this page but most of those on this page have stopped sharing. Thank you for praying, I know these dear ones appreciate it.



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