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Friday, November 12, 2010


Yep, uhuh google image:)

Talk about a huge topic, where in the world do you start? That is what I am asking God who really seems to be placing this in my heart. I think I will have to go back a few years and try to explain what happened to me and why this is something I feel that God is placing on me.

I think it is pretty amazing watching how God directs us. This can be a really slow process and for me it started when I was pretty young. I have always loved animals, all kinds. I remember being really young somewhere around 4 years old, trying to pet a beautiful black and white cat only to have my mom yelling at me to "Stop! Don't pet that kitty!!" Me, being kind of stubborn, didn't listen to the urgency in my mom's voice, continued to approach kitty only to be greeted by a big squirt of disgusting spray. Yep, you got it. It was a skunk! Well, I don't remember much after that but I remember lots of tomato juice baths and asking mommy why did that kitty had to make me stink. That never did deter me from animals I continued to approach them and my mom continued to having to keep me away from many dangers.

Skip forward into the school years. I was always the odd one in school and never really fit in and that hurt. But now when I look back I see this to be God's hand preparing me for His work, preparing my heart to take on the love of His heart; people. I still have a enormous love for animals, especially hurt animals; I am drawn to them and because I was such a loner I was and am still drawn to hurt people. Six years ago I became afflicted with Rheumatoid Arthritis and within a month of acquiring this disease I went from extremely hyper active to barely able to get out of bed in the morning let alone walk. I remember saying to God, ok Lord what is it you want to teach me? And can you make it a quick lesson as I really want to get moving again. Teach me He sure did! He taught me to trust Him and seek Him out. I believed He would heal me and even though I am not 100% I am very mobile and active again.

This leads us into the healing part of this post. I believe God heals and wants to heal all, maybe not in the way we think it should be but in His perfect way. I also believe that God puts people in your path for a reason and I believe that Emily, Summer, Milly and Lisa are in my path for God's reason, (there are more people in my life but they really do not pertain to this blog). I believe God wants to heal these ladies, I am not sure how He wishes to accomplish this but I do know that He wants me to be obedient to the point of embarrassment and to step out in faith. So I am doing that!

Ok, so a few years ago I headed down to a church in Redding California, Bethel Church, because I heard that many people were being healed at this church. The family and I jumped into the truck and headed off on a 20 hr drive. I was prayed over many times and came back home with the instructions to claim healing and rebuke the demon of arthritis. I did. The process for me was not as quick as I wanted it to be but I must say that I am on my way to 100% recovery.

Last year the kids, Grandpa D, Grandma L and I went to a John Paul Jackson conference on the Art of Hearing God. What a pivotal point this was for me. At the end of the conference we did a line up and we were prayed over and had an impartation of gifts laid on us. I was repeatedly prayed for the gift of healing!! Like, blow my socks off! One fellow prayed a 10 times healing gift on me. Excited? Yes! Scared? Oh my yes! Why God? What does this mean? I thought bamm, I would be healed, no. Well, nothing at the time, as it seems to be God's way with me, wait.

This, in a nut shell, leads to this blog. I feel it is God's will for me to pray for the lost, lonely and hurting people and I believe God wants to heal them. How? I am not sure. Does He want to heal His people? Yes! I think that like fasting, healing is thought of as a thing of the past, for the disciples of Jesus' days but I believe it is for us now too. Bill Johnson from Bethel church wrote a book called, When Heaven Invades Earth and that healing is for now and we, by the authority of Jesus and His work on the cross, can claim healing for our sick. I believe this. I am proof of this.

With that being said, I am only His servant and if I have made a fool of myself then so be it. I am trying to hear His voice and step out in obedience to the calling I feel He is giving me. I will pray for you my friends and any other person my Father puts in my path and I lift you up and leave you at His feet; His beautiful blood stained feet where I know you will be safe until He is ready to act on the prayer of health for you, be it here on earth or in heaven.

Google Image, Feet

BOJOY, (Blood of Jesus on you)


  1. I LOVE it mom! Especially that skunk story XD You portrayed it PERFECTLY! XD love it.

    Thanks so much for sharing this :) BOJOY!


  2. Inspiring Child of God. You certainly have a firm faith in the Father and that is something that not even money could buy. Bless you for stepping out in faith and proclaiming healing.


  3. @ Child of God,

    Another great post! I remember you telling me about the skunk once before but I suppose I forgot (that made the story even funnier). Thanks for posting about your firm faith and your belief in healing!

    ~Son of the King~

  4. @ Squeaks,
    Glad you liked it Squeaks. Yea skunk! Not nice. :)

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment and encouragement. This took a leap of faith and many prayers. :)
    God is good!

    I told you that story before, but I guess it comes to life when you seen writen down.

  5. Wow! That is absolutely amazing! so powerful! I'm glad I read it when I did!!!!

    I am anxiously waiting on some very important biopsy results, I have more tests coming up...the doctors haven't got any treatment, just more tests because more keeps going wrong. If I focus on that...there's no nope.

    With God there is hope!!! Thank you for reminding me!!!

  6. I love this post. I believe in the healing power God and have seen it in my own life and the lives of others. It's a small world! My Pastor's wife is the sister of Bill Johnson. We are sort of like a sister church of Bethel! Take care!

  7. Hi Lisa,

    I am praying for you and hoping these tests come back with some good news. Don't ever give up hope sister. I became very discouraged with the RA but I clung onto Jesus and the power of His blood.

    Hang in there and remember to keep your eyes on Jesus because He is the perfect one and no one can come to the Father except through Him.

    Praying for you Lisa,


  8. Hi Barbie,

    Thanks for following me! Cool, so cool that your church is sort of a sister church to Bethel!! And that your pastor's wife is the sister to Bill Johnson; that is so neat.

    Do you feel like sharing how God's healing hand has touched you? I would love to hear.

    In Him,

  9. Thank you for this wonderful post!!!

    I would love to receive your prayer!!!

    You have a beautiful blog so I followed . . . thank you!!! If you want to follow mine you are welcome.

    God bless you!!!

    A brother in Christ!!!

  10. Hi Lon,
    Thanks for following me and for the kinds words about this blog. :)

    I sure will pray for you. You can email,(my email is on the contact page) me a prayer request or if you wish just put it in a comment.

    In Him,

  11. Hi, Squeak's mom! I just found your blog and wanted to let you know that I'll be following. I love the purpose behind your reason for writing. Thank you for being obedient to the Lord and sharing your faith in Him with those around you. It really is a great encouragement! :)

    -- Taylor

  12. Thanks Taylor!
    I sure do love all the prayers you say for Emily; they have been an encouragment to me.

    God Bless,

  13. Child of God,
    Prays for your healing! Please add my daughter Leah to your prayers if you will. She has battled extreme Narcolepsy for more than 5 years.
    God bless, nikonsniper steve

  14. I sure will Steve.

    In Him there is hope,

  15. Hello there. Sorry, I am not accustomed to dialoguing through comments so didn't see the question you asked me. I have received both emotional and physical healing from the Lord. Emotionally, I used to be a very depressed person, on medication and just very down on life. He has come in and through His hand and the love of others, brought me out of the pit. Physically, I had a broken wrist. Bob Johnson was speaking at our church. Prayed for me. No more broken wrist. It was amazing! Blessings!

  16. @Barbie,
    Thank you for sharing. Praise God!

    I have seen many broken bones healed in my very reluctant son, (crazy he thinks it cool to have a cast on):)God has healed his hand about 4 times now each time the doctors told him it would be 4-6 weeks of healing and he was healed in less than 1 week.

    God Bless,


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