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--February 22 2017--

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Phoebe, Jaxson & Sam

Phoebe is doing very well, all things considered. She is tolerating the radiation treatments well, although the side effects will primarily begin to show up in a week or two from now. She should also be feeling some relief from the tumor pressure and that should continue to improve over the next 2-3 weeks. .........
....... We are holding up well, by the grace of God, though sometimes a flash of pain so intense comes over me I can hardly breathe. It’s usually in those moments that I have jumped ahead of God and imagined a life without that sufficient grace. If I stay in the moment, I do well.
Your prayers, encouragement, stories, good works and empathies are a lifeline for us,

Heart surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday the 4th!!!!! Here we go!!!!

Cancer Awareness and Support

Hi! My name is Sam. I'm 3.5 years old and I am a neuroblastoma cancer survivor.
When I was only four months old I was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer. I had to have lots of surgeries, take 6 rounds of yucky chemo, 12 rounds of radiation, two stem cell transplants, and antibody therapy which I really didn't like. But the doctors told my mom that my cancer is "stable." But all I know is that I'm awesome!
I hope that you'll donate to CureSearch for me -- or maybe even join my team and walk WITH me! If you can't walk, you could maybe join as a "virtual walker" to raise money on my behalf! That would be so cool!
Thank you for your support and for donating to help me and other kids like me!

Thank you for your continued support in prayer for Phoebe, Jaxson and Sam.

Ruth 2:12 NIV
"May the Lord repay you for what you have done. May you be richly rewarded by the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge.”

1 Thessalonians 5:17 ESV
Pray without ceasing,

Blessings in Christ Jesus,


  1. Hi child of God,
    I was thinking how I could comment on your post and I caught sight of the words 'Commit, Petition, Rely on the Holy Spirit.' That is what I feel to do. I commit these three children to our Lord Jesus, petition Him to heal them and rely on the Holy Spirit to bring these healings into being. God bless you.

    1. Hi Brenda,

      Amen!! That is what this blog is about...CPR!

      Thank you for your prayers.


  2. I'm praying for all of these children of our Father and the families. God bless your heart, sister.

    1. Hi Floyd,

      Thank you for your faithful prayers!!



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