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--February 22 2017--

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Furious Love

Furious Love official trailer WARNING! glimpses of demonic possession. Some swearing in the 'up next' videos containing the confession of an ex-Satan worshiper; viewer discretion is advised.

What a very powerful movie, an eyeopener to what our battle really is about and how the love of Jesus can and will break the power of Satan and his attacks on people. We are born into a battle that we really have no idea about. The earth is breaking up around us, (click here for a great blog on the reports of natural disasters, The End Time by Elizabeth Prata) in the form of earth quakes, tsunamis, fire, and all kinds of natural disasters, and the church (the people of God) are doing nothing but sitting in their homes living their lives for themselves and trying to make things better for them.  There is a sleepiness that has been prayed on us, kind of like in the Wizard of Oz, when Dorthy and her buddies were walking through the field of flowers and they fell into a deep sleep. We need to shake this off and toss cold water, in the form of the Living Water, the Holy Spirit by reading and studying and praying into the Word of God. Then we need to act on His Word by doing His work in our everyday lives.

We need to wake up and pray. The followers of Satan are praying and they know the extent of the battle. If you haven't already done so listen to the confession of Ester, the former Satanist, she explains things very clearly. There are 3 parts to the 'up next' video and Ester explains our battle from eyes of one who was deeply involved with Satan and has been set free by the love of Jesus.

1 John 4:16-18 NIV

God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them. This is how love is made complete among us so that we will have confidence on the day of judgment: In this world we are like Jesus. There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

How do we show this love of Jesus to others? This is something I am really working on in my life. We need to live in love who is God and we do this first by spending time in His Word and then spreading this to every single person we meet. When they ask us the reason for our joy we just simply explain the gospel. Simple, or as my friend Summer would say, easy peasy! 

Church, children of God, we need to pray for all things in all things and through all things. The children of Satan are praying and living very active lives for him and he is on the rampage but the power that we have in Jesus Christ out weighs all that Satan does and we accomplish this by loving each other as we love ourselves.

I would highly recommend watching this movie, Furious Love, it is a real eye opener to the power we have through Jesus Christ.

Trying to live in the love of Jesus,


  1. Oh, wow, I WANT to see this film so badly!!!!! Thank you for sharing.

    You are so right-- this is a battle. If it wasn't, we wouldn't need armor! Thankfully, we are just the second line! Jesus rides in before us, mighty and victorious, having already crushed the enemy! Praise the Lord! Our side wins!

    (PS-- could you let me know how you do the "You might also like:..." part of your posts?)

  2. Hi JBR and Emily,

    I am glad you both liked this. We don't see this type of stuff very often in North America, we undermine Jesus and what He can do. Jesus is amazing and we just need to believe. People in other countries are really thirsty for Him and I think it is because they have it so bad. Lack of food, shelter and such. We here have everything, self providers, so we don't reach out and really depend on Jesus.
    I am trying to break this in me, self reliance, and I know with Jesus I will.


  3. Yep, the subject of demonic oppression is a real hot button issue in the North American church. But it definitely exists and witchcraft is all around us, in different forms, even within the walls of the church.

    It's an extremely controversial topic. I have mixed feelings about it myself, although I do have a lot of exposure to this subject matter. Much of it I was pulled into reluctantly and am still sorting out exactly how the Lord wants to use it in my life, and waiting on Him to show me more.

    I can tell you that the anointing He has given me when I play the violin is related to freedom from demonic oppression, like David and his harp and Saul. And also my exposure to mental illness is related to it. So I suppose because of that, is why God has allowed me to "know" as much as I do about it. But one has to really be called to "go there" because it's not for the faint of heart! In all honesty, as believers we are all called to "go there" because of the Truth we have in Jesus. In the end, it is always a truth battle. So we really cannot afford to be "faint of heart" because it is very serious business.

    Thanks for sharing! Not sure if I'll see this movie or not, but it is interesting that he is using film to capture the reality of how dark the darkness really is.

  4. Hi Kimberly,

    I know this kind of touches home to you. I agree with you one needs to be called by God to go there if not Satan will have a hay day with you. :s

    Actually, the movie is good and it is a real eye opener to the power of prayer to those who will step out in faith and believe. It shows how God shows up when we obey Him and pray for people. There is one part in the movie where the team went into a witch festival, but they were afraid to set up a booth so they snuck around praying for people and God did nothing. Then they re-grouped and decided that they would step out in faith and set up a booth and I think they called it Spiritual healing. People showed up and so did God!! He healed two backs and a Satan worshiper gave his life to Christ.

    The darkness is real, and you know this first hand. Always covering you in prayer sister.


  5. Hello Child of God.
    I would be interested to view this film. Like Kimberly, I often feel that witchcraft is all around me. I have had enough tangible encounters with demonic attacks to know that the demonic realm is very real and indeed dark. And like Kimberly, I was at each count reluctantly drawn into it; this is true of most of us, I am sure.

    And like most of us, one thing I have learnt is to ensure that my primary focus is always securely on God.
    God bless you, COG.

  6. Thank you for sharing your views about this film. Satan is really out to capture the hearts and minds of unsuspecting people out there - and we do see a proliferation of vampire movies, making them all seem so harmless and so Hollywoodish... even young teeners (and even younger than that) are lulled into swooning over these vampire and werewolf characters... distracting them from the worship of the One True God...

    The enemy will not stop at anything, and he is targeting the young and innocent, gullible ones.

    So we do need to hear the confessions of someone who has been there, and got out alive.

    Sadly, many will never make it out alive.

    Thanks for sharing this, Child of God.


  7. Hi Vilisi and Lidj,

    Thanks for visiting. What really saddens me is society and the comforts it offers puts us into a slumber, our senses are dulled. When I was a child I was very alert to the spirit world now as life enfolds around me I find my senses have dulled. I truly believe we need to wake up and shake off this 'magic potion' that has been misted on us in the form of civilized comforts. Satan's followers are active and Christians are getting fat. There is so much power available to us in the submission to Jesus and allowing His Spirit to work through us, but it takes courage and faith. Courage to make a fool of ourselves and faith in knowing He will step in. This is something I am working on, :) and praying into.

    Blessings sisters thanks for your comments.

  8. Thanks for sharing. This is a powerful post. God bless You.

  9. Hello JT,
    Thanks for stopping by! The movie is very powerful, a real eyeopener to what we are dealing with and how God steps in when we step out in faith.


  10. Hi Child of God :)

    Thank you, 1 john ch 4 has been on my mind: "perfect love casts out all fear", so true. I definitely need to be more Christlike. What they say in the clip about truth being a person not a teaching, so true, and when Jesus conforms us to His will we are true like He is true, not a fake. When I try to be loving, it is fake. When Jesus loves through me, it is true, not fake. There is so much power in God's love and forgiveness that is being held back because we are not being true.
    My parents are from Indonesia (I am Dutch-Indonesian) and there is much demonic activity there, so the things that they show in that video clip are not unfamiliar to me. My mom has told me many things about the demons she personally saw, and the people that had demons, and other really wild and crazy things she saw in Indonesia. I didn't believe her stories because they sounded so crazy, but then her sister (my aunt) said the same thing, and there are others from Indonesia and also the Philippines that told me similar things about the demonic activity and the strange stuff that happens there.

    Thank you for pointing me to this post, this is an area that the Lord is compelling me to seek Him about. I'm not sure what He wants me to do with this information, if anything other than pray. I do see troubled people at the hospital where I work. I know there is so much more that I should be doing for Him than I do. I feel so convicted, and sorry that I do so poorly.


  11. Hi Susan,
    I am glad you had the time to watch this trailer.

    I would venture to say that the Lord is moving you in this direction because this is real and the life we live here in North America is very soft. It is time for Christians to wake up because the workers of Satan have been awake and very active and I believe putting Christians to sleep.

    I will pray that God will lead you where He wants you to go and that His Spirit becomes alive inside of you so you are doing His work.


  12. Just watched this again...although I do believe there are malingerers that can fake these things pretty convincingly, I do agree that there is much going on in the realm of the spirit that most here in America don't know anything about. I believe the spiritual activity here in the U.S. is just as deadly and just as rampant, but hidden, and is much more out in the open in "backward" nations such as on the African continent or in Asia. It is beginning to happen here more, since the beginning of "the age of Aquarius". Lots of weird stuff going on, and the spiritual manifestations today in "the church", is often from the wrong spirit unfortunately.

  13. Hi Susan,
    I agree with you. We need to be very discerning when it come to things of this nature. We need to test the spirits to know if they are of God and the only way we can know is we need to know God's word and weigh them against that.

    It is something to be in prayer about and to be cautious about.



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