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--February 22 2017--

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Prayer Warriors Needed

Please pray for a little girl named Addison who has neuroblastoma. She had a surgery last week that has spiraled down hill. She is now in critical condition and waiting for another surgery tomorrow.

You can visit her blog and read her story here. Her mom and dad have asked for prayer and a miracle, for as it stands right now Addison is on a ventilator along with other life support machines. This little girl needs nothing short of a miracle from God.

Please pray!

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Praise You Father for creation Addison, what a beautiful girl she is! Daddy as You know Addison is very, very ill and she needs Your healing touch. Only You Father can guide the doctors to know how to treat her. Only You Father can intercede and restore Addison to health. Please Jesus touch this daughter of Yours and heal her. Remove this cancer and all the damage done by it. Restore her liver and kidneys and keep paralysis away from her body. Touch her Father with Your healing, loving hand. Thank You Jesus for what You are going to do. You are an awesome God.
In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray amen.



  1. Amen! What a sweet looking little girl. Her parents must be heartbroken!

  2. Know that I am here united with you in prayer sis for the healing of Addison, praying that the Lord will take this precious child into His arms and restore her, keeping her in His gentle hands close to His heart, safe in His love while her body heals and makes a full recovery...

    I am here and praying with you my friend and sister...

    love and hugs...


  3. Oh this is so super sad! What a beautiful little girl!

    Dear Jesus,
    Please wrap your arms around sweet Addison super tight and give the doctors knowledge of to what to do to find the problem so that she will wake up and start her recovery, I know you can preform mircales, please help us with this one and wrap your arms tight around her family as well as I know you already are,
    In your name I pray

    PS how sweet of you to post this...thanks for doing this


  4. Oh no...we will definitely be praying for her! Thank you for getting the word out...I'm going to head over to her blog right now.

  5. I pray for Addison to be healed! in Jesus' name amen.

  6. I have added Addison to my prayer list. I have added myself as a follower of your blog. God Bless You.

  7. Hi Ron,

    Hi JT,
    Welcome, the more prayer warriors the better. :) Thank you!
    I will stop by your blog.

    Blessings brothers,

  8. Praying for this little girl. All things are possible!

  9. So heartbreaking, I will be praying for Addison, hope u have a wonderful mother's day weekend:)

  10. Praying for God's healing touch to be on this little girl.



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