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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Addison Update and Answered Prayer or Coincidence?


Addison is still fighting for her life and the doctors are all surprised that she hasn't died yet. She has defied death 3 times this week and continues to fight hard. Please continue to pray, interceding on her behalf for a miracle. Praise You God, You have kept Addison alive and fighting. Bless You Father, You are Awesome! 

How many times have you blown off answered prayer by thinking oh that was just a coincidence? What does answer to prayer look like? Let me give you a few examples of answered prayer from my life.

Google Image
Just last week my husband fertilized the hayfield knowing that the weather man predicted rain for Saturday evening. So Saturday the hayfield was fertilized and Sunday morning rolled around with no rain on the field. My husband looked at the sky and said, "Hmm it rained to the north, and south of us but nothing hit the field". Monday night rolled around and still no rain. As we were chatting before bed time he said to me, "Saturday it rained to the north and south of us and today it rained to the east and west of us, how come it didn't rain on our farm"? I asked him, "Did you pray and ask God to water the hayfield for us"? He answered with a guilty look, "No". So we prayed for rain and then continued talking. Five minutes later my hubby stopped talking and asked, "What is that noise"? Rain! It started raining and continued to rain off and on all week long! Last night it poured and it has been raining off and on again today with sunshine during the times of no rain! The hayfield is green and starting to grow like crazy. Now, is that coincidence or answered prayer?

A few years ago my husband wanted to knock down the hay but it was just raining like crazy so he asked God please let it stop raining so he could bring in the hay. Within a few days the rain stopped and it got really hot, 40 degrees which is somewhere around 100 F. The field dried up and my husband started cutting the hay. With in a few days the hay was down, raked dried and ready for baling. The sky started clouding up and we asked God "Please no rain, not now or all of the hay will be ruined". So we baled and started hauling the hay off of the field and into the hay shed all the while the cloudy sky started to let the rain down; to the north of us, then to the south of us, then to east and west of us. Before all of the hay was off of the field it was raining all around us except on our hayfield! My husband worked until 1 am pulling the hay bales off of the field and when he got the very last load off of the field and into the hay shed it started to pour on our field! Now, is that coincidence or answered prayer?

A few years ago my son broke his hand in a Taekwondo match. We drove him to the hospital had it x-rayed and sure enough he had a broken bone. SOTK did not want us to pray over his hand because he knows how prayer works, you see he wanted a broken hand, but he consented.  We had his hand put in a cast and the doctor told us to have it x-rayed again in a week to make sure it was setting properly. He told us to look at a 6-8 week recovery and a possible surgery to insert a pin if the bone wasn't healing properly. That night the family and I again prayed for SOTK's hand. The following week we had it x-rayed and you know what? The bone was not broken!! Totally healed, much to SOTK's surprise. But I won't leave this story here our clumsy boy broke his hand two more times in different spots doing the same thing, TKD. :s Now since his hand healed so quickly the first time he down right refused to be prayed over again because he wanted to show off his cast to his team mates, and he actually rebuked the prayer on the third time only to find out yet again his hand had healed again in one week and the last time in less than one week. Now is that coincidence or answered prayer?

A pony I have, Stormy, was very ill with laminitis (acutely painful inflammation of the foot, or hoof) and the vet thought we would have to put him down. He foundered very bad and he didn't want to stand up. We treated him aggressively with medicines and cutting his feet back very short. He was in very critical condition and our vet just didn't give us any hope of him making it. I was very distraught. You see a few weeks prior I had just lost my horse Majestic Warrior to colic and I couldn't bare to lose another one so soon. I cried out to God NO! Please, please save Stormy I promise I will believe this is Your miracle and not a coincidence. That night we got a phone call from our vets saying Stormy took a radical turn for the better and if all looked good tomorrow we could bring him home! We brought him home the next day and Stormy was well on the way to recovery. It did take almost 2 years for complete recovery and that was over 14 years ago, Stormy is still with us. So you tell me was that answered prayer or coincidence?

1 Kings 19:11-13 NIV

The LORD said, “Go out and stand on the mountain in the presence of the LORD, for the LORD is about to pass by.”
Then a great and powerful wind tore the mountains apart and shattered the rocks before the LORD, but the LORD was not in the wind. After the wind there was an earthquake, but the LORD was not in the earthquake. After the earthquake came a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper. When Elijah heard it, he pulled his cloak over his face and went out and stood at the mouth of the cave.

Stormy our Shetland pony
Often God speaks to us in a gentle whisper and if we are not listening to Him we pass it off as coincidence. Before Stormy was ill I had asked God to answer my prayers but had often shook answered prayer off as coincidence. My car wouldn't start and I prayed and it started. Oh that was just coincidence. I tore the ligaments in my ankle but still wanted to run and train in Taekwondo, I prayed and asked God to heal me. I was able to continue running, hiking, training in TKD but because I wasn't 100% healed, I passed it off as coincidence.

Luke 16:31 NIV

“He said to him, ‘If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead.’”

What about you? Will you believe, or will you pass it off as coincidence?



  1. Thank you for this post. God bless!!

  2. I believe in prayer, and have see many answered.
    My son witnessed a woman hanging herself. He saved her and now the trauma has set in. It triggered other memories for him. He says God has forsaken him and he keeps getting evil thoughts. So he has a disabled though process which is driving him crazy. It is also effecting me as he wakes up and wakes me also..I give him a sleeping ed and he sleeps, but I am still awake.I am requesting prayer for total healing of his mind.
    Have a wonderful Mothers Day.Gods richest blessings be yours. With love Crystal Mary


    I believe there ARE no coincidences. What the world calls coincidence, I call God's fingerprints-- He's always at work, and His timing is perfect.

    Prayers are still answered! I believe!

  4. I still often don't pray for all my needs. Thanks for the reminder that prayer does change things;)

  5. Hi Crystal Mary,
    I am happy to hear your son was able to stop this woman from hanging herself. Oh boy Satan is really pulling a number on your son. I will be praying for total healing of your son's mind and for peaceful sleep.

    Poor girl, hang in there.

    Hi Emily,
    Yes, God' fingerprints!! They are everywhere. Oh how wonderful they are! I agree with you there are NO coincidences.

    Hi Ma,
    It is funny how sometimes we just don't think to ask God. Just last night my daughter was telling all these wild dreams she was having. She was asking me if I had any idea what they meant. I asked her if she had asked God to tell her what they meant and she looked at me and said, "Well, no, no I didn't".
    I too forget and I just go mumbling on in my mind then it is like He gives me this huge nudge and says, "Ask me". Oh yea, You.

    Blessings sister,

  6. What a great post-and oddly enough (now I'm not saying that this is COINCIDENCE ;p)I was asked to read a powerful book about prayer. I've been learning about the same things you just posted about. It is so true!


  8. Thank you sister for a wonderful encouraging post! Yes I sure do believe in answered prayer and have many many examples in my own life which I am always happy to give testimony to!

    It is always so encouraging to hear others testimony, thank you for sharing my dear friend.


  9. Child, I am praying for Addison. I have viewed her website and read the amazing stories.

    Thank you for sharing the miracles that you have gone through in answer to prayer.

    Yes, I believe in the power of prayer. Faith works. GOd is faithful and awesome. He has given us authority.

    I stopped by to greet you a Happy Mother's Day, friend.

    You are such an encouragement to me. I am glad our paths crossed.


  10. Hi Kaboom,
    Prayer is amazing! When I look back through my life I see many, many answers to prayer. When I was younger sometimes I passed it off as coincidence because it can look that way. Something we did in a Bible study was for one week write down all of our prayer requests and then write down all of the answered prayer, not passing any off as coincidence. It was amazing to hear all of the feed back from others and to see for our selves answer to prayer.
    Keep diving into prayer Kaboom you will not be disappointed. :)

    Hi Starry Dawn,
    I am so glad you like this blog! Really, I am trying to be obedient to God's voice and post what He tells me to so we all can be blessed. Thank you for the Mother's Day wishes, you are a doll!

    Hi Lisa,
    It is really encouraging to hear testimony to answered prayer. Our pastor told us once that he dropped his cell phone and it died. He brought it in to see if it could be fixed and he was given the sad answer of no way this phone is no good any more. So he went home and decided to prayed over his phone, you see he couldn't afford another one and the contract for the phone was only 1/2 way through. So he laid hands on his phone and asked God to fix his it. Then even before he tried it out he said thank you to God for fixing it AND the phone worked! He pushed the power button and before it didn't do anything but this time it fired up and it continued working until his contract was up and he was able to get a new one!! Pretty cool, eh?

    Hi Lidj,
    I too am glad our paths have crossed. It is always to nice to meet a Spirit filled person even over the internet. The Spirit that lives in me jumps around with Joy when I meet people that love Him so. Thank you for the Mother's Day wishes!

    Blessings and thank you for these treasured prayers that are going up for Addison.


  11. Thank you for this post...I think sometimes we overlook our answered prayers as coincidences, but really, we know what they are and that somebody is looking out for us :)

  12. Wow thanks for this post it is definetly an answered prayer that little Addison has defied the odds so much and is still fighting. I agree with Katy that sometimes we tend to chalk it up as a coiencidence when indeed it is an answered prayer. Alot of times when we pray and do not get the response or answer we want quickly we tend to wonder why isn't our prayer being answered when in all actuality it is it may not be the answer we want but GOD is answering all of our prayers and some of the greatest gifts is unanswered prayers! In this circumstance though I pray super hard that these prayers get answered and that this little girl gets her miracle and survive this terrible disease! Thanks for your sweet email to me, I have been so overwhelmed I still haven't responded to alot of emails, I just got not so great news from JHU so I am just trying to sort all of this out in my head...

    love in Christ

  13. Hi Katy,
    There has been many times I have overlooked an answer to prayer just because it didn't manifest in a powerful way. When things come in gently we can tend to over look them. :)

    Hi Summer,
    Don't worry about not responding to an email it doesn't bother me. :) More bad news? :( Not good! Continuing to pray for you.

    God always answers prayer, yes, no or not yet. It is the waiting on the answer that drives me nuts! :s Patience...something I am lacking.


  14. Awesome post. Appreciate you sharing dear one. Blessings.

  15. Hi JBR,
    Sharing answers to prayer can be very uplifting. Glad you liked it! :)


  16. Hi Child of God -

    Wow! This blessed me hugely! Wow!

    Glory to GOD for answered prayer.

    James 5:16 - KJV
    ...The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much."

  17. Hi Sandra,

    I really love this verse you quoted,
    James 5:16 - KJV
    ...The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much."

    This is something I am really aiming for but I seem to mess up so often with. It can be so frustrating sometimes.

    I am glad you were blessed! I too just love hearing testimonies of what our God has done.


  18. I too believe in the power of prayer. I know that NOTHING is impossible for GOD. I enjoyed your post. It was very encouraging.

  19. Hi Keena,

    Thanks for stopping by! I am glad you enjoyed this post, answers to prayer is so encouraging. I have more stories I might just share them one day. :)



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