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Monday, March 14, 2011

God Opens Shut Doors

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Below is an email that I received today, a devotional taken from David Wilkerson Today. I pondered whether or not to post this and decided after hearing Summer's news that this would be very fitting. Please keep praying for Summer as she didn't receive the best news from her doctor today. This disease is running out of control in her body and the doctors are looking at giving her another chemo infusion soon. Please pray for a miracle.


David Wilkerson Today

FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2011


I am led by the Holy Spirit to write to you about God opening shut doors. Someone reading this message will relate immediately to this, because you face one or more closed doors. There it is, right in your face, a door that seems to be continually locked. It could be a serious financial situation, and you’ve prayed for the door of some opportunity to open. Yet everything you try seems to fail; the doors simply don’t open.

I don’t know what your closed door may be, but for many it seems both the windows and doors of heaven are closed. The heavens seem as brass, and you can’t seem to get through. This closed door I am speaking about is some issue, some situation, some need you’ve been praying much about. It may be a God’s Word. They did not accuse the Lord of neglecting them or turning a crisis that requires nothing less than a miracle. And you haven’t yet received an answer to your fervent prayers and petitions to the Lord.

In Revelation, Christ refers to himself as HE THAT OPENS AND SHUTS DOORS (3:7). This was in a letter sent to the believers in ancient Philadelphia, a church  the Lord complimented for having kept the word of his patience and never denying his name. Simply put, in their most trying times, these people stood faithfully on deaf ear to their cries.

Evidently, Satan had come against them with lies. His principalities and  powers of darkness, lying spirits pouring out of the very bowels of hell, say that God has shut every door, that he isn’t worthy of worship and faith. But these believers, whom Jesus said were of little strength, kept on trusting, waiting patiently for God to put the key in the door and open it. He holds the key to every shut door – and he alone sets before us open doors.

Here is what the Lord promised them, and it is our promise as well:

“Because you have kept the word of my patience [you did not give up in your trial], I also will keep you from the hour of temptation which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth” (3:10). Revelation 3:10

This hour of temptation is even now upon us. It holds incredible tests of  faith so great and so fiery that many will fall into deadly unbelief. Indeed, a great falling away from enduring faith is now upon the whole world.

But you – because you still trust his promises, and are willing to die in faith even if you do not see the promises fulfilled – you will be kept from this worldwide temptation to fall into unbelief. God has heard your cry, and he knows the timing, the very hour, to open all doors. So, never give up. Never doubt. Stand on his promises. He will not fail you.


  1. You are such a great friend to me and I thank you so much for your prayers and all the prayers for me you have asked from others! I am crying as I write this and as I read your post! I know GOD would never harm me and I know my miracle is coming I just have to keep my faith in the LORD and keep on Keepin ON...I know he wouldn't have given me this fight if he didn't know I couldn't handle it and I know through me there is a reason for it, I'm not sure exactly what that reason may be but I know there is a really good one...

    Thank you so much for being my friend and a sister in christ


  2. Summer you in yourself are a blessing with your joyful attitude and positive thinking. There is a reason and one day you will find out all of them but for now I can tell you part of your reason and it is through your trial I have become closer to God. I have really learned how to dig into His word. I am really learning how to pray and seek Him. You see, I really believe He will heal you, I just don't know how or when. AND through all of this I am reaching out to others and praying for them. Remember it was you, Emily, Milly and Lisa that God used to get me to start this blog.

    Keep on keeping on and I will keep on praying and praying.

    Your sister in Christ,

  3. Awww, sweet Summer...I am with Child of God, I also believe God is going to heal you. I don't know how or when, either, but I will rejoice with you when it happens! Little Kelcee will grow up with a powerful example of a woman of God and a woman of faith...her Mama!

    Child of God, I want to thank you for posting this. As you know in my blog post today, I shared the other part of this passage...that Jesus opens doors that no man can shut. But He does also shut doors. I am reading this today after a very intense prayer session with the Lord concerning a closed door in my life, a door that He is not, for whatever reason, opening at this time. I so desperately desire my own home, a place for me and my family, a place of our own. I love my mother dearly and I know that God has used her mightily in our lives these past almost 2 years, by housing us and allowing us to use her car. But my baby girl is growing up and she needs her own room (and her own BED!), we are crowded in this little apartment...I need space to write, hubby needs space to do his projects, and we need privacy. We're basically one step above homeless and it has been hard. I would like to have my dishes again, my pictures on the walls, my couches, my own kitchen utensils and appliances...before we came to my mother’s we lived in a cute little rental house in a cute little neighborhood with sweet neighbors…we were so happy and content there, my daughter had a yard to play in, she had her own room, hubby could work on his music, etc. and we even had our own vehicle; yet for whatever reason, God did not provide the funds for us to keep that house or the car...and yet He provided for us to go to Mexico last year on a mission trip (over $5000!), He has provided $$$ for my violin, He has provided for me to go to these conferences...and someone is even sending me a brand new FREE iPod!!! So if God can do those things, why won’t He open a door for me and my family to have our own place? And now that He has called both hubby and I out of traditional employment and opening up a season for us to both pursue our callings, it seems that the odds of us getting our own place are that much less now. We share my mother’s car, and while she is gracious to allow us to use it, it is an act of Congress to coordinate schedules to use the car; I’ve had to turn down teaching jobs for lack of adequate transportation…it’s a huge inconvenience to all of us. I’m grateful to have a roof over our heads, and I know that God could just give us a vehicle (He has in the past!) but for whatever reason, He has not opened this door. After going through so much, He has set so many things in our lives in order and this one thing seems to be elusive. I have felt like Joseph in the prison must’ve felt…sure it’s nice to have all this favor, but he still was a slave in Egypt. I can imagine how forsaken he must’ve felt. (God was ministering to me when I did that Joseph series!) But I also know that it is by God’s hand that we are here, because He could so easily have made a way for us to be on our own. I am just having to believe God for our Pharaoh!

  4. Part 2 of my comment...

    David Wilkerson said this:
    “But these believers, whom Jesus said were of little strength, kept on trusting, waiting patiently for God to put the key in the door and open it. He holds the key to every shut door – and he alone sets before us open doors.”
    I know God holds the key to this shut door in our lives, and He alone will open it. My daughter will be 8 in October, and she has been saying “I wish I had my own room”, and I wish that for her…a place to keep her special toys and play.
    I know it seems a small thing compared with what Summer is dealing with so I don’t want to sound whiny or ungrateful!!!! I know that God hears every cry of our heart, from the mom who wants to be well for her little girl and her hubby to the family that needs a home of their own…He will give us the desires of our hearts, and we will be given beauty for ashes and the oil of joy for mourning!!!

    Sorry, this is a book, lol! It just poured out of me!!! Thanks for "listening" and thanks for your prayers!!!!

  5. Hi Kimberly,

    I am glad this ministered to you, it did to me too!

    You are so sweet and you know what? I totally forgot that you posted the other half of this post! LOL. God sure does speak sometimes, doesn't He?

    God will provide a place for you when the time is right. I guess you still have stuff to learn while you are at your mom's place.
    I will press in on prayer for this, this learning that needs to be done. One thing you can be pretty sure of and right now it isn't in His plan for you. You have seen first hand how He provides, by providing a mission trip, a violin and an iPod!! WoW!
    He is proving to you that He will provide just not a home yet.

    Thanks for sharing this struggle you are going through I will pray for a home.


  6. Hi Child of God -

    Thank you for this rich message.

    You expressed, "He will not fail you." That speaks volumes - hugely.

    We all have our challenges and questions but glory to GOD, His Word tells us that His grace is sufficient...

    2 Corinthians 12:9 - KJV
    And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

  7. Thank you for sharing this. We're still praying for Summer!

  8. Hi Sandra,

    Yes David Wilkerson has rich messages that I glean from often.

    Patience, one of my downfalls. Sitting at that closed door knocking and waiting. God is very gracious and understanding. He has made me weak but like you quoted in my weakness He is strong! Praise God!

    Hi R&K,
    You are such a dear! We will keep lifing our Summer up to the throne of Grace and trust her in the care of the one who heals; Jesus.


  9. Please Lord God, I beg of You to place Your healing hand upon Summer so that a miracle can take place making it so that she will be completely healed, for I know deep down in my heart that You are capable of doing this for her, so please listen to us, and do what we ask in Your name Lord Jesus. Amen.

    Thank you,


  10. Thank you for sharing!
    God bless,

  11. Hi Lon,
    Yes Father God I pray along with Lon, please put Your healing hand on Summer. Raise her B cell count to the level it needs to be at. Touch her body and remove this DM from her never to be seen again.
    In the name of Jesus amen.

    Thank you Lon for your prayers!!!

    Hi Ken,
    Jesus has the key to open locked doors and we need to go to Him and ask if He is willing to open these doors.

    Blessings brothers,


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