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--February 22 2017--

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

God Has a Sense of Humor

As most of you know I am a home schooling mom. My daughter, Squeaks, just off to a real university as of January 2011 and my son, SOTK, still at home doing an online grade 10 program. Because of  where we live we have to use satellite for our Internet as dial up is waaaaaaaaaay to slooooooow. Well for the past few months we have been having a few issues with our Internet quitting on us and more than once it has disconnected while one of the kids were right in the middle of a test or quiz. When this happens all of their work is lost and the test is closed down. Then an email by me needs to be sent to the teacher requesting for them to open up the test again. Pain in the neck and very upsetting for my son who really doesn't handle these situations very well.
Google Image

Yesterday SOTK was studying for a science unit test and was preparing to write it only to find out that the Internet was up to it old tricks again, going on and on for the better part of an hour. To put things nicely, SOTK freaked out and refused to do his test because he was worried things would shut down and then all would be lost. As it turned out after about an hour of on and off again the Internet starting working and we had no more issues for the rest of the day. Well, this morning SOTK, forgetting about yesterdays problems, prepared for this test and then proceeded to take it and finished with a very good grade! As soon as he clicked submit guess what?! Yep the Internet shut down! What an amazing lesson for this boy of mine for he said, "Wow mom, God was really watching out for me! He didn't let that Internet shut down until I had completed my test! God is either protecting me or He has an odd sense of humour, kind of like mine."

Our God is so great and He really cares about things like tests and boys stressing out to the point of melt down. :)

Thank you Dad for this wonderful gift to your son and for showing us You have quite the sense of humour!

Loving you Dad!

Does anyone have a story to share about God's humour? I would love to hear!

Psalm 89:7-9  NIV
 In the council of the holy ones God is greatly feared;
   he is more awesome than all who surround him.
Who is like you, LORD God Almighty?
   You, LORD, are mighty, and your faithfulness surrounds you.
You rule over the surging sea;
   when its waves mount up, you still them.


  1. He really was watching out for him! I don't blame him for being stressed about taking his test. I always had good grades in school-but it had nothing to do with my tests. I'm praying your son gets better test grades than I did :)

  2. Hi R&K,
    Tests can be very stressful and I do hear that they are planning to remove them from the graduation program of our highschools and from the university programs since most people do so poorly on tests but will over excell in the work itself. But, alas, I am sure this removal will be way into the future and I will have a whole head of grey hair!! :)

  3. He kind of reminds me of one of my sons. Mine doesn't handle things like that well either.

    This son (who is still in grade school -at home;)), just LOVES studying geography right now and was out looking for rocks shaped like states...he found quite a few! We discussed that God perhaps put them there just for him to find.

    My son thought that was pretty cool!

  4. Hi Ma,
    That is really neat! I bet your son felt really special knowing God would do that just for him. Thanks for sharing.


  5. I can relate somewhat to SOTK!!!

    I have a bit of a funny story and then not, that takes place many of times in my life. Satan starts putting fear in my mind too things that are false that don't come from our God, then I turn by calling out to our Lord Jesus Christ for His peace to flow in . . . and it does!!! Then I think to myself with my heart isn't it funny, that I got caught up in the false worry that Satan tried to implant into my head, when my Lord Jesus Christ was in control of my life all along!!!

    God's Blessings to you sis . . . and everyone,


  6. In teaching my grandson (9th grade)
    with the DVDs' at home, he sometimes gets frustrated. We have A Beka
    and it is quite different from public school. He loves it until he gets on the negatives and positives of Algebra. That's when he gets really frustrated. He does his key boarding on the computer.

    On line can be quite aggravating for me when I am on it writing a post. So it has to be to teen age boys.

  7. Hi Lon,
    Praise God that He is always in control of your life. The power in the name of Jesus knocks Satan down every time.

    Hi Aliene,
    Algebra can be confusing. Did you know that you can get a hold of the teachers from A Beka? Either by email or phone...toll free at that!

    Blessings my brother and sister,

  8. Appreciated you sharing. Thank you.

  9. Good Morning, Child of God,
    You have posted another life lesson. I wonder the way our dear Lord works His miracles on us on daily basis, and we'll never know what He will do next. The Internet plays tricks on us worldwide. It is difficult to rely only in the Cyberspace. Schools should have other ways to give out test to children. When I was a little girl at School, there were no computers at that time, and pupils sat down with a sheet of paper and a pen to write down and complete their tests. Then, at the end of the class, they handed in their work to the teacher. After a few days, she would give back the results to them. That was another way of life back then, many years ago... Thank you, Child of God, for sharing this story of your child with the world!! I follow your wonderful blog. God's richest blessings may always abound in your life, and those you love.
    All the Best,
    Starry Dawn.

  10. Child of God,
    Thank you for sharing your son's story about the test in the Internet!! We marvel at God's wonders. Our dear Lord works in a mysterious way that we won't ever know. Praise the Lord for His unconditional love towards His children, the children of God!!
    The peace of the Lord be with you and those you love, Child of God.
    In God's Garden,
    Starry Dawn.

  11. Hi Starry Dawn,

    Wow two comments on one post! You are sweet.

    Yes, I remember doing school the old way, paper based and actually up till one year ago my son did a paper based program but since he is in grade 10 I decided to switch him to this online program that is fully Christian based and fully acceptable credits for going into a university at the end of grade 12. It can be finicky by it is worth it in the long run.

    Blessings on you,

  12. This picture of an ass (donkey?) makes me laugh! It looks so goofy. :)
    If it were the size of a poster I would pin it up in my classroom (where the internet connection is sooooo slooooow and frequently breaks down!) It would be a wonderful reminder (for me) to not sweat the small stuff. :)

  13. Hi Vilisi,
    You must have dial up at the school. Not fun. I hope that your work doesn't rely on the internet too much.


  14. Hi Child of God -

    Thank you for sharing this slice of your life.

    No particular humorous story comes to mind but I do remember that our Lord reminded me that He does have a sense of humor. The Bible tells us that he laughs.

    Sidebar: I posted a question to you after your comment on my blog under the topic "JESUS AT THE CLUB WITH THE EAGLE SQUAD."

  15. Yes He has quite a sense of humor. I'll share a quick one. He messes with me when cleaning the shower. I'll turn the shower on to rinse part of it out, turn it off and then turn it back on to use the spout instead forgetting to make sure the shower head had drained first and would end up with water on my head. I can hear him laughing every time. Yup, do it once in a great while. :D
    You can't help but laugh. Glad your son was able to get his test submitted before hand. God is good!
    Found you through Carole's at Faith Lounge. Blessings to you,

  16. Hi Sandra,
    I think I would love the sound of God's laughter, and sure would love to hear it.

    Hi Omah,
    Welcome! I think God's laughter would a very deep, jolly belly laugh!


  17. You know, I'm trying not to be too critical or leave too many comments, but come on! God kept your internet from shutting off? He cares about your kids good grade more than the 6000 children a day who die of starvation?

    I guarantee that if your kid had taken a minute or so longer, then his test would have been interrupted.

    This is your evidence that its all true and Jesus is coming. Seriously? I am just sitting here in utter shock.

  18. Hi Mormon 411,
    My God cares about each and every one of us and yes He even cares about internet. I once saw my pastor pray over his dead cell phone and it started working again! I even heard about a couple in our church praying over their car that wouldn't start and after praying it started and they had no more issues with it.
    God cares! He knows every single hair on your head and He cares so much about you.


  19. Hi Mormon 411,

    My God is a God who loves and cares for all people, even the Mormon and the satanic worshipers. Did you watch that link I gave you? Please do it should answer lots of questions for you.

    Are you feeding the hungry? Do you look after the sick and starving? God commissioned us to feed the people, to care for the widow and the orphan. He asked us to do this, do you do this? If every person that had enough would give to the poor there would not be anymore starving people. But people are selfish and only think of themselves. It is our fault there are starving people. What are you doing to stop this?
    There are also very evil people in the world who serve themselves only and they are rich.

    Proverbs 18:23
    23 The poor plead for mercy,
    but the rich answer harshly.

    God cares about all and if you seek His face and ask for His blessings He will show Himself to you. His priority is mankind and He is knocking on the door of the hearts of people but many refuse to see Him and let Him in.

    Peace of Christ,


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