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--February 22 2017--

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Psalm 116:1-4 NIV
I love the Lord, for he heard my voice;
he heard my cry for mercy.
Because he turned his ear to me,
I will call on him as long as I live.
The cords of death entangled me,
the anguish of the grave came over me;
I was overcome by distress and sorrow.
Then I called on the name of the Lord:
“Lord, save me!”

CHICAGO — A 6-month-old girl who was shot multiple times as her father changed her diaper Monday afternoon has died, according to a spokesman for the family.
The Rev. Corey Brooks, who is serving as a family spokesman, told reporters Tuesday morning that Jonylah Watkins died overnight.
The baby had been rushed to Comer Children's Hospital at the University of Chicago Monday and was initially in serious-to-critical condition, police said.
Brooks said he received a call from Jonylah Watkins' family at 6:40 a.m. Tuesday telling him the girl had died. He said her father, who remains at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, has been notified of her death.

Read more here.

Please pray for the family during this very dark time. Pray for the Holy Spirit to minister to their souls, comfort them and for them to seek God.

Jesus, have mercy LORD, have mercy.

Psalm 22:24 NIV

For he has not despised or scorned
the suffering of the afflicted one;
he has not hidden his face from him
but has listened to his cry for help.

Psalm 56:8 NIV

Record my misery;
list my tears on your scrolld —
are they not in your record?



  1. Heartbreaking. Praying for the family

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      It is very heartbreaking. Thanks for your prayers. When believers stand together in agreement amazing things happen.


  2. Yes Lord we pray for this poor family,that You would bring the comfort that only You can bring in a situation like this. Father let them know the reality of that comfort and also the reality of just who the real enemy is. We praise You Father and know that the battle belongs to You Lord.

    1. Hi Brenda,

      Yes LORD, I agree with my sisters prayer that You will bring the family comfort and that You would open their eyes to the spiritual battle and ask Lord for the souls of this family to be brought into the house of the Lord. In Jesus name.

      Blessings sister,

  3. This is so heart-rendering...and senseless. God help this poor family!

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Yes it is horrible!! I a praying there won't be a retaliation.

      Thanks for your prayers.


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