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Saturday, August 4, 2012

News, Updates & Prayer

Well, the in laws are gone and I have a few days of quiet before my family and I leave on our camping/hiking/farming/wedding trip. I had a couple of weeks that were full of work and fun times with my husbands parents and siblings and their children. My house was full!! The one thing I really missed was my alone time God. I was missing Daddy so much that as I was washing the heap of dishes I had tears streaming down my face as I thought about my quiet, very early morning time with Father. You see my father in law is an early riser just like me and no matter how early I got up he was already up and at it. :) So since I didn't have the time to spend alone with God, I looked for God qualities in my father in law. I found: security, wisdom, knowledge, love and joy. These are things that I never saw before as my father in law is not a Christian but as I looked at him in the view of my heavenly Father I was able to see things in him that mimicked my Daddy. Really, God is so good all of the time!

Do any of you remember Lon from Humble Path? Well, just a few days ago I received an email from him and he told me he has chosen to follow Jesus again. He has closed down his blogs as he feels embarrassed from flipping back and forth from Buddhism to Christianity, but he wanted to let me know his decision and he gave me permission to tell all of you. Here is the email he sent me...

Thanks again, my Sister in Christ!!!
I know where my wife is going to go seeing she has given her life over to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ which is going to be in heaven to spend Eternal Life with Him, and today, I just couldn't stand the thought of not spending my life with her in this marvelous place called heaven.  Plus I'd love seeing you and my other Sisters and Brothers in Christ when I get there.  But here's the catch, for me, I don't want to be left behind, and I don't want to have Jesus Christ say that He doesn't know me when He returns.  This is why I had to return my life over to my only Lord and Savior which is Jesus Christ otherwise my conscious will become burned to the point that it will be too late for me.  I in no way wish to be reincarnated for say until I get it right, because I'll never get it completely right.  Therefore I must choose, and that choice for me, had to be the gift that's free, which is Eternal Life through the Blood of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
If you'd like to share this along with what I've shared with you prior to this on one of your posts, you're more than welcome to my Sister in Christ. 

Please join your heart with mine and lift this brother of ours up to our God. Please pray he will stay dedicated to Jesus and resit the temptation to flip back. Thanks!!

Brian Todd at Brian Todd's Blog has requested prayer for his mother in law. Below is taken directly from his blog:

Monday, July 30, 2012, my wife’s mother Shirley (83 years young) had a major back surgery procedure performed due to an advanced Scoliosis condition that, not only was tremendously painful daily, but if not corrected would become life-threatening. The curvature of her spine was so severe that her organs were being pushed to one side and the doctors estimated an eleven hour surgery would be required, with 16 pints of blood used. The surgery ended when they ran dangerously short of reserve blood, so the corrective procedure was not completed. She is currently in the Intensive Care Unit recovering from the operation and associated complication, and is rescheduled to undergo the remainder of the corrective surgery in six weeks, when she has gains strength and well enough to handle the second procedure. The main portion of the Scoliosis has been straightened, and the remaining work shall be much quicker and less life threatening. Her daughter has set up a Journal page for Shirley @ that you can check her condition. The main thing is that she needs your intercession prayer. Your prayers are a blessing and much appreciated. Praise the Lord for such a loving godly woman.

Lucy's scans were great. Her spine looked clear and her brain looked even better than it did a few weeks ago. It's the best birthday present I could have hoped for. Thanks for you continued prayers!

Wayne had six weeks off from chemo to let his body rest and they were able to get away for a family vacation last week. They had a good time and were able to get some much needed time away for rest and fun.  They got back and immediately he had to have his next infusion...Monday July 31. So, this week has been rough on him. He is feeling discouraged because he just doesn't feel good. Wayne even said,  "this just isn't living". He's tired...achey...and generally just doesn't feel well. I don't know all the symptoms but I do know they aren't good. He really just needs a miracle. I know...and you know...that God is more than able. HE doesn't like for any of HIS children to be sick or suffer in any way. When you think about Wayne if you could please just say a prayer for him and Marge. They are two of the most wonderful people you could ever know and most of all...they both love the LORD with all their hearts. They have told me many times how much they appreciate all the prayers from all of you.

Please remember to pray for Chelle as she has a doctors appointment with the cardiologist August 10th. Pray for a complete healing and no fear! Thanks!!


Dr Gowda emailed tonight and said the d dimer was negative and that the Mibg had been scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday! No affirmative time until we hear from radiology! He did email Dr Sholler this morning to advise her of what has transpired at this point and that he had requested for a Mibg here in va unless she wants us to come there! We have not heard a response back from her yet!
So our biggest concern is that these spots are NB! We have taken Emily back off the nifurtimox for now because if she is progressing they will pull her from the trial anyway! We are stopping everything else until we know what is going on! 
If there are any NB moms, dads or grandparents that have had any experience with this, please let us know! We are beyond scared and worried and the anxiety is taking the best of us!
This brings our talks of where she would go for treatment if this is our worst nightmare for the 3rd time! Our hope is that these spots go away as her counts go up! Today WBC was only 500 and her ANC is only 200 so we were told Emily is still neutrapenic so to still watch for fevers and because platelets were 20 to watch for any bleeding or bruising!
Please send your love and thoughts that this is just an infection! Remember to hug and kiss your kids every night and tell them how much you love them because you never know when things can change!

Please pray for Summer as her liver counts are off the charts and they need to come down or else she will have to have a liver transplant. Please lift our dear sister up to our God. Thanks!

Monday my Rhematologist in the area called with not great news.  My liver enzymes were off the charts.  One should be under 50 and it was 190 the other I don't even want to mention.  The culprit is the chemotherapy pills Methatrexate that I take once a week, that keeps DM down a bit.  Without it I flare so badly they can't get it under control.  I think y'all probably remember the Christmas before last, when they had to stop it for three weeks and I flared for a year, causing DM to blaze and I ended up having to do the Chemotherapy Infusions and now the IVIG/Plasma Infusion/Transfusions.


Dear Friends and Family,
Yesterday marked four months since the beginning of Joanna’s medical situation on April 1st. Most of the last month Joanna has spent seeing various doctors – Gastroenterologist, Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Dermatologist (annual check), Orthopedist (hip pain), Physical Therapist. When possible and when she had the energy she would get together with various friends.
It feels like this has been a transition month for us: from full speed doctors and other events to learning how to pace ourselves. It has taken over three weeks to arrange the next tests. On Wednesday, August 8, Joanna is scheduled for an Endoscopic Ultrasound. And on Monday, August 13, she is scheduled for an Esophageal Manometry with Impedance. The follow-up appointment with her GI doctor to find out the results of these tests will be Wednesday, August 15.
This was Joanna’s Face book post yesterday:
“Today marks 4 months since this illness has taken over…yet God has been good and gracious through it all. I’m so thankful for all of your prayers, support, and comfort. Thank you!! “
Don and I thank you for your prayers as well. Please continue to pray for Divine healing, medical direction, and Joanna’s strength as the school year is rapidly approaching. Also, please pray for Don and me that would we be patient and yet wise advocates for Joanna as we work with the medical profession.

I don't have any recent news on Jordan as I am waiting for an update on his blog, but he has made a trip to Bethel Church in Redding California to seek prayer for healing. The last update I heard was there was as follows:
Alright … we measured tonight as we did last night and instead of growing, Jordan’s leg has shrunk by .7cm….we chose to freak out….get excited and praise God!  Feel free to do a little dance now with us.  Will write more about the weekend later… we’re tired and heading to bed.

Please praise God for this shrinkage and continue to press in for a miracle. Thanks!!

Thank you to all of you for being so faithful in standing beside these dear people who are in need of your prayers. My heart is overwhelmed with the dedication you all have. Our God is mighty and there is none like Him.

Job 26:5-14 NIV

“The dead are in deep anguish, 
    those beneath the waters and all that live in them.
Death is naked before God;
    Destruction lies uncovered. 
He spreads out the northern skies over empty space;
    he suspends the earth over nothing. 
He wraps up the waters in his clouds, 
    yet the clouds do not burst under their weight.
He covers the face of the full moon,
    spreading his clouds over it.
He marks out the horizon on the face of the waters 
    for a boundary between light and darkness. 
The pillars of the heavens quake, 
    aghast at his rebuke.
By his power he churned up the sea; 
    by his wisdom he cut Rahab to pieces.
By his breath the skies became fair;
    his hand pierced the gliding serpent. 
And these are but the outer fringe of his works;
    how faint the whisper we hear of him! 
    Who then can understand the thunder of his power?”

God Bless,


  1. Praying for all, for healing and comfort, for pain to be gone or to a stage that they can tolerate, for the Lord to continue working on, in and through them and those they are around. Praying for you, Child of God.
    I especially pray for Lon. Praying that he will read and re-read, renewing through God's Word and having true repentance. May Jesus' forgiveness and mercy flow and His word be clear. In Jesus' precious name I pray. Amen!

    1. Hi Sara G,
      Thank you for your prayers and for lifting Lon up to God! :) I stand in agreement with your prayer and say amen!


  2. Dear Child of God,

    Thank you my sister in Christ for sharing my email that I sent you, and most of all I appreciate you lifting your prayers up to God for me!!!

    I will make my prayers known to God for all of those wonderful people you mentioned that are in need of prayer for healing, asking God to heal them in the name of our magnificent Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!!

    Oh, I decided to create a new blog after all.

    1. Hi Lon,
      Thank you Lon for contacting me and letting me know about your change of heart. That really makes me so happy to hear.

      Thank you for praying for those who are in need.

      I will check out your new blog too!

      God Bless,

  3. it was interesting reading you blog and the different stories of those who need prahyer support. Their stories sure touched our heart.

    1. Hi Jumpinginpuddles,
      Thank you for stopping by and reading. :) It is nice to see a new face here.


  4. Good "Son"day morning!

    I will be praying for all of these. So glad to hear of the good news on Lucy. So much sickness and pain it is good to hear when one is touched by the hand of God! Thankful for Lon making a decision for Christ. I do remember his blog and I want to check in with him on his new one also.


    1. Hi Chelle,
      Good "Son"day to you too sister! Thanks for your prayers.

      Isn't this just amazing news about Lucy?! She is healed from a brain cancer that does not usually show healing. :) Praise YOU JESUS!

      Blessings hon,

  5. Sunflowers always make me smile :)

    Praying for Lucy, Chelle, Wayne, Emily, Summer, Joanna, and Jordan, and the many people who are seeking the Lord for healing and strength. I pray that the Lord Jesus will touch them each with His loving kindness, giving them the encouragement to know that no matter what happens here on this earth, He has promised us much better things in the world to come. <3 Praying for much love, peace, joy, and faith, through all the trials and tribulations of this life.

    1. Hi Susan,
      I have my garden partially boarded by sunflowers. I too love them.

      Thanks for your prayers, it is so amazing to see many people care and pray for those in need.


  6. Hi, Child of God!

    It has been so long since I've read any blogs, and I wanted to check yours out. I picked a random post, and got this one! Wow, so many, many needs. You are such a gift to the Body of Christ as you intercede for these precious folks and rally others to pray for them as well. I sure do remember Lon from Humble Path! Good to "see" you, brother! I will keep you in prayers. And Summer! Bless your heart! I had no idea how things had been progressing, I've been so "out of the loop" in bloggy world...immersed in my own troubles, unfortunately. We must remember to bear one another's burdens. It is amazing how much grace God gives us for the trials in our own lives when we help bear the burdens of the trials of others. God bless you, Child of God! I'm glad you had a good visit with your in-laws! I'm envious! ;)

  7. Hi Kimberly,
    Thanks for checking in! Sorry it took so long to publish this post but I have been out of cell service.
    Thank you for your kind words. There are so many needs out there, so many people suffering, it just breaks my heart. You are so right when you say God gives us grace to bear our burdens when we bare the burdens of others.

    Blessings hon, it is so nice of you to stop by.


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