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--February 22 2017--

Monday, November 24, 2014

Season of Waiting

It’s November 24! I am sitting in my quiet home looking out the window watching the birds flutter to and fro from the bare tree to the bird feeder. The snow is melting off of the roof in steady drops and I can’t believe that 2014 is almost done.

My kids have one more week of school before their final exams and I have made it thus far without them constantly around me.

I have been searching and seeking the will of Father for my life. Reading His Word, praying for guidance and just soaking in His wonderful presence forever waiting and waiting for Him to reveal to me what it is He would now have me do. There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not looking to Him to see if He is ready to show me His plan.

Habakkuk 2:1-2 ESV
I will take my stand at my watchpost
and station myself on the tower,
and look out to see what he will say to me,
and what I will answer concerning my complaint.

And the LORD answered me:
“Write the vision;
make it plain on tablets,
so he may run who reads it.

I am content right here in the center of His presence waiting on Him for His timing.

On another note, this prayer ministry is still on the go. I may be quiet here on blogger but my Facebook page is still very active. Please feel free to join me in intercession over there.

Blessings in Christ Jesus.


  1. It is just amazing how time flies past! This morning I was going through my digital photos, and it surprised me to look at the photos I took this time last year...even though so much has changed within my own life this past year, still many things remain constant and unchanged, and that gives me a kind of peace. I love sitting in my quiet cottage and listening to our Heavenly Father while watching his creation busily going about their work and play...everything seems to make sense at those times, and it seems as if there is some balance restored in those moments.
    I just opened a new Facebook account, and wow! Talk about change...I need to re-learn how Facebook works!
    Blessings and love to you, dear friend.~Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa,
      You and I are so very similar, yet uniquely different!
      It is amazing how the years seem to fly by with many changes yet an underlying constant. I praise God for Jesus, the stiller of my soul.

      Please friend me on Facebook once you have the new changes all figured out. Yesterday, I received another email from them with more changes. Sometimes it is hard to keep up.

      Blessings sister,

  2. Hi child of God,
    I am very much like you in some ways. I have the Lord in my mind all my waking hours, and love waiting on Him and His word in my life. I have always been involved in prayer and have always felt very close to the Lord when praying. However, I am aware there is a time for everything and during the five years we have lived here I have not had a like minded person who has a desire for intercessory prayer like I have always had since being born of God's Spirit. Since being here I have been brought to blogging and evangelizing in the street. I am now feeling very drawn to prayer again so who knows what the Lord has in store. I must come over and visit your face book page, I don't do much on face book usually.
    God bless you and direct your path.

    1. Hi Brenda,
      Isn't that the call of an intercessor? To always have Father and His concerns on our mind? To be in a state of self-denial so as to be rid of fleshly desire in order to hear Him clearly and serve Him fully.

      Please do friend me on Facebook if you feel led by Father to do so.

      Blessings sister,

  3. Your thankful heart is not only timely, it is encouraging. It is time to lift up our souls in thanks to our Father who provides all of our needs… every day of every year He grants us on this side of the curtain and after.

    1. Hi Floyd,
      It is good to live with a thankful heart for it brings merry lines to our face as we grow older, at least that is what my mom always said. We are a blessed people with many things to be thankful for.

      Praying all is well with you my brother.


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