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--February 22 2017--

Thursday, November 24, 2011

For My Daughter; Squeaks

'Here In My Heart' Disney

This video is dedicated to my daughter and all daughters everywhere. :)

My daughter blesses me greatly and I love her so very much. Squeaks is talented, beautiful, smart, kind, encouraging, joyful, a ray of sunshine in a room, but most important of all she has a heart that is seeking Jesus and this blesses me and makes my heart swell.

I love you Squeaks, so very much. I love you more than life itself, don't ever forget that my first born.

1 Peter 3:3-4 NIV
Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.

Exodus 20:12 NIV
“Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you."

Ephesians 6:4 NIV
"Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord" 

Resting in Him,


  1. I love you hon! Don't ever forget that. :)

    Love and huggles,

  2. I remember the first time I say/heard this I bawled like a baby. Still am today!

  3. That is SO sweet :) (the little mermaid is one of my favorite movies!)

  4. Hi Barbie, and Katy,

    I cried like a baby too, and still am.

    Thanks for stopping by! God bless, daughters.

  5. awww, how sweet,she sounds wonderful.

  6. Hi Toyin,

    Thanks for stopping by! She's a great kid and really makes my heart throb. :)


  7. This is an absolutely beautiful heartfelt post, and I love God's Word that you shared here as well.

    God's blessings to you and your family Child of God, and I thank you so much for your commenting to me on my blog . . . Humble Path.

    From a brother in Christ,

  8. Hi Lon,
    I am so blessed with two great children, sometimes I just wonder why God gave me children to love and cherish. There are many hard and trying times but hey life is like that.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    God bless brother,


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